The idea:


The culture of Vermut

in piedmont and the passion for coffee in Naples. Together.

One soul: Vermut Sospeso /coffe recipe

Are you looking for

the trend

to create something that will meet

the custumers’ tastes?


Our Vermut Sospeso

is the answer.

The Vermut

Born in Piedmont in 1786

it conquers the entire world in very

short time thanks to its taste and

what it represents: conviviality.

Today it represents a very lucky

trend for the offer of this product that

is very large and variegated.

Also, it can be served solo or

mixed but every time is a good

time to enjoy it.

The coffee

Once again we are talking about

Piedmont. As a matter of fact, it was

there that the first bean appeared

for the first time ever in Italy.

We can say that it became a real

passion in our country, especially

in Naples.

Coffee, as Vermut, it’s global

and it can be found in every

gastronomic area: no one can

ignore its taste and its sublime


The production process

The production is divided in two moments: the first one to obtain the coffee essence, the second to obtain the vermut…


The coffee is extracted with steam for several times.


We select the botanicals – artemisia, sweet orange, chiretta, rhubarb, sandalwood, quassio bark, vanilla bean, raw coffee. We make a tea cut and we infuse them in fortified muscat wine to about 24°C for more or less 60 days. Finally it is pressed and filtered.

Perfect Matching

We mix our coffee essence to our rested vermouth to obtain our VERMOUTH SOSPESO – coffee recipe – at 18°C.

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