The olfactory pyramid to twist your experience.

The idea: AQVA DI GIN.

It is about meeting the custumers’ tastes and giving a twist to their own habits.

We were inspired by the perfumes’ world: through the olfactory pyramid, used to understand any feelings that each scent arouses, we created a new concept entirely based on the sensations of each fragrance of our Aqva di Gin: Agrumata, Floreale, Speziata.


Distillate of botanicals,

spices and juniper

A floral bouquet of lavender and rosebuds,
with a fresh flavor and sweet honey finish. Perfect for sparkling and acidic drinks
and creating new cocktails.


Distillate of botanicals,

spices and juniper

 A complex blend, a soft entry with fresh
citric top notes of bergamot and mandarin
and a long balanced finish, Suitable for long drinks such as Fizz,
or to give freshness to classic drinks.


Distillate of botanicals,

spices and juniper

Aromatic taste with intense spicy notes that open the way to the warm heart notes of galanga and tonka bean with spicy finish of pink pepper. Ideal for pre dinner punch and/or cocktails such negroni.

The production process

The production is divided into two phases: the first to obtain the non-alcoholic base and the second to obtain the alcoholic base.

Non-alcoholic mother

Alcoholic mother

The distillation 

The name AQVA DI GIN comes from this process that gives life to a juniper flavored water . To obtain the non-alcoholic mother of AQVA DI GIN we use a spring water (San Cipriano Picentino) then distilled in a water bath with the following plants: red juniper, myrtle leaves and sea fennel all from the Cilento national park.

THE CREATION OF 3 BLENDS (3 declinations of the olfactory pyramid). To obtain the alcoholic mother of AQVA DI GIN, we infuse our botanical products selected individually with a different alcohol content for extraction, based on the spices used (herbs, peels, seeds, roots, woods) in the alcohol of cereals (Italian ), for obtaining the creation of the desired blend.

The non-alcoholic mother together with the alcoholic mother form the basis for the steam extraction of fresh or dry vegetable products (CARTER HEAD style); to get our three variants of citrus, spice and flowers AQVA DI GIN.